Jane Olivor Tribute

“The safest bet in town this week was that acclaimed singer Jane Olivor would get a standing ovation during her concert at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. Sure enough, she got four. All deserved.”
- Los Angeles Times

“She sings in the visceral Gallic manner in a voice of startling dimension.”
- New York Times

“She has a deep, smoky powerful voice, filled with wonderful inflections and unabashed emotion. She can take a middle-of-the-road tune and turn it into an enchanting new vista.” - The Toronto Globe and Mail

“Jane Olivor slaked the emotional thirst of 600 fervent fans when she played the Agora Theater Sunday night. Two days into a month-long tour, the talented singer worked the venerable Cleveland hall like a revival meeting.”
- Cleveland Plain Dealer

“For anyone who loves to sigh over old lovers and cry over lost dreams, Jane Olivor has the songs to go with your heartbreak.”
- San Diego Union-Tribune

“Olivor was radiant, investing her painstakingly chosen repertoire with passion, meaning and theatricality. When it comes to singing a ballad, she wipes the Whitneys and Midlers off the stage.”
- Washington Post

“Mostly, however, Olivor sang of love in its many stages and forms. The highlight, as always, was ‘Some Enchanted Evening,’ When the slim chanteuse hit the high notes slowly and deliberately at the end – “Once you have found him, never let him go” - audible sighs escaped from the audience.”
- Fort Worth Star-Telegraph

“She’s an emotive, intensely personal singer who avoids needless melodramatics…Highlights included tender versions of “The Hardest Part of Love,” “I’m Always Chasing Rainbows” and an evocative take on “Some Enchanted Evening” that literally drove people out of their seats.”
- Boston Herald

”When she connected to a song, like Dan Fogelberg’s “Run for the Roses” or Stephen Schwartz’s “Chanson,” Olivor offered the kind of musical intimacy that has kept admirers spinning her CDs for 30 years.”
- Oakland Tribune

“Last week, San Francisco audiences embraced the return of performer extraordinaire Jane Olivor. And she’s absolutely exquisite! The weeklong run at the Empire Plush Room is hopefully part of a long and successful, back-to-stay career.”
 - San Francisco Bay Times

 “Olivor has a stunning voice that demands rapt attention to every lyric and nuance. She’s now comfortable on stage and is as fine an interpreter and stylist as you’ll see.”
- Cabaret Scenes