Jane Olivor Tribute

"You just knew she had heartbreak in her veins" - Jason Darrow recalls his musical partnership with Jane Olivor

By Wendy Fraser
Copyright Wendy Fraser 2012

Songwriter Jason Darrow's quest for a singer who could become "a contemporary Piaf" took him on a long and fruitless search through the nightclubs and cabarets of New York City in the 1970s.

Darrow had recently returned from spending four months in France where he developed a successful songwriting partnership with the famed singer and composer Gilbert Becaud. He remembers that he was particularly pleased with the final song from their 14-song collaboration – his adaptation of a jaunty, light-hearted Becaud number titled ”L'important C'est La Rose.” ... Read Full Article.


Great Lost Jane Songs

Compiled by Wendy Fraser
Copyright Wendy Fraser 2012

A favourite topic among Jane Olivor fans is the songs we've heard in concert that have never found their way to the recording studio. This is by no means a definitive list, but we think it's a pretty comprehensive one. There are enough "great lost Jane songs" here to fill several CDs.

Read 'em and weep at what we're missing…or be grateful, truly and duly grateful, for the ones you've been fortunate to hear. ... Read Full Article.


The Stars Sound Like Wind Chimes: Jane Olivor on Life and Music

By Dan Geringer
Philadelphia Daily News Staff Writer
Copyright Philadelphia Daily News 1982

“I am not on cocaine,” Jane Olivor, the Brooklyn Nightingale, says quickly with a smile and a sniffle. “I’m sneezing and I’m talking a little too fast and I might get tired all of a sudden and fall asleep in my soup, but it’s not cocaine. It’s antihistamines."

“They say I have an allergy but I’ve never had an allergy in my whole life, so now, all of a sudden, I’ve got an allergy? This is ridiculous. But it’s not cocaine. Never had it in my life. What? I’m gonna take a drug that makes you lose weight? Makes you talk a mile a minute? For-get it. Nev-er.”... Read Full Article.


Talkin' Broadway

By Jonathan Frank

The tale of Jane Olivor's meteoric rise to stardom would have been right at home in a Judy Garland film. She was granted every singer's genie wish: to be discovered in a small cabaret room, given a recording contract with a major label and performing in sold out concert halls all over the country. Her first album, First Night, was named Album of the Year by Stereo Review. A duet with Johnny Mathis was nominated for an Oscar. Her early reviews compared her to Barbara Streisand and Edith Piaf. In 1983, at the height of her success, Olivor took a hiatus from performing that turned into a ten year break. This year, a decade after her triumphant return to the stage, Olivor has released a new album, Safe Return, a live recording that has been released on DVD as well. ... Read Full Article.


The Unexpected Jane

By Blase DiStefano

Singer Jane Olivor talks about gays, drugs, Weight Watchers, true love, and more.

This was not the easiest interview to obtain. Oh, Jane Olivor was quite willing, but it was difficult for her publicist to even contact her. After numerous setup dates, it was decided I would call her the same day and time as the premiere of The X-Files. I decide to conduct the interview from home so that I can record The X-Files while talking to the gifted songstress, who, by the way, has just seen the release of Love Decides, her first full-length studio recording in 17 years. Wanna know why? It's in the interview. ... Read Full Article.